Business Intelligence for the Conveyancing Industry 

 conveyancing map 

The Conveyancing Map has been designed to address the dearth of reliable Business Intelligence in the industry. It provides authenticated data on residential property transactions and associates both the purchasing conveyancer and the selling agent with each transaction to create powerful insights. 
This is a new and unique service that is simple, easy to use and highly effective. 
The data is updated quarterly and can be filtered by any combination of the conveyancing firm acting in the purchase; the estate agent acting in the sale; the location of the property; the date of transfer and the value of the property. 
The data export simply takes the selected data and returns it in an Excel spreadsheet which is then capable of being further interrogated and summarised using the suite of analysis and graphing tools in Excel. 
This data is made available either as an online service that allows a user to search, filter and export the data using an online map or as a standalone report tailored to each client 

Drive your sales and marketing 

Get insights into which agents are selling most properties locally, you will then be able to establish what share of the business you have. The map will also provide you with an idea of which agents are targeting the same segments as you. You will also be able to see where your competitors are weakest. All this data will enable you to create clear and factual marketing messages. 

Profile your competition 

The Conveyancing Map will show you who your competitors are, their instruction levels, their market share and where they are strongest and if there are any changes over time. 

Understand your firm's competitive position 

The Conveyancing Map provides an easy way for your conveyancing team to know what their market share is. You will have a visual representation of where your clients are, which property segments are your strongest, whether there are any discernible trends and how your volumes compare with the competition. 

Inform your business planning 

The Conveyancing Map enables you to set more accurate targets using market share growth. It gives you the ability to track your performance quarter by quarter and supply evidence in support of internal budget proposals. One of the outcomes of this factual data is the ability to qualify proposed new office openings and new marketing initiatives. The tool also provides the catalyst and due diligence for M&A discussions. 


McMillan Williams 
“Its proved an invaluable tool for both our internal business planning and our external marketing efforts" 
David Riddle, Commercial Director 
Langley Wellington 
"This has been such a useful tool for us. It's so easy to use and so very powerful. At a high level I've used it to shape our planning for the conveyancing team and to measure our delivery against the business plan.” 
Andy Moston, Partner 
Martin Tolhurst 
"The Conveyancing Map has changed the way in which we think about the development of our conveyancing business. With the information it offers, we've been able to add a new level of objectivity to our business planning and its factual base has helped my partners understand more clearly just what we can achieve." 
Richard Carter, Managing Partner 
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